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From Challenge to Triumph: The Inspiring Journey of EDKC Racing

European Deaf Karting Championship (EDKC) is deaf competition, professional rental karting driver, all outdoor track and two days in competition between individuals and National teams at the core of the EDKC’s philosophy is a focus on equal equipment equal weight close and fair racing and superb value and competition has been over 28 years.

The Event is organized every year, in different countries across europe, we run events at a variety of different tracks across Europe and want the track to try and create the best racing events possible. European Championships was established in 1996 on 29th June and named the Inter-nations Deaf Karting Challenge Cup has this membership entitled 3 countries to the European championship and one year later (in 1997) renamed the Tri-Nations Deaf Karting Cup until 2005. The European Nation Deaf Karting Association (ENDKA). Karting is unique in that the deaf compete against the able-bodied and on a level playing field, currently (as of December 2006) 7 countries are represented by the ENDKA. The championship was renamed the European Deaf Karting Championship (EDKC) and took place on May 5th in Frankfurt, Germany in 2019.

Due to the European pandemic of COVID-19, there were no EDKCs in 2020 and 2021. Since then the EDKC has grown to over 90 individuals and 9 countries national teams across Europe and is still growing. The first ever TV broadcast on the website in 2022, which was held in Czech Rep.

The European deaf karting championship is one of the most exciting sports in the world, it is that excitement and fun that we want to make it accessible to everyone.

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